Белорусские казино на белорусские деньги два ствола Afghan Girl [] Photographer: Steve McCurry. And of course the afghan girl, picture shot by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry.

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Sharbat Gula was one of the students in an informal school within the refugee camp; McCurry, rarely given the opportunity to photograph Afghan women, seized the opportunity and captured her image. She was approximately 12 years old at the time. She made it on the cover of National Geographic next year, and her identity was discovered in The year old had been trapped in water and concrete for 3 days.

Portrait of Winston Churchill [] Photograph from: The portrait of Churchill brought Karsh international fame. It is claimed to be the most reproduced photographic portrait in history. It also appeared on the cover of Life magazine. The plight of Kosovo refugees [] Photographer: The members of the Shala family were reunited here after fleeing the conflict in Kosovo.

Stricken child crawling towards a food camp [] Photographer: The picture depicts stricken child crawling towards an United Nations food camp, located a kilometer away. The vulture is waiting for the child to die so that it can eat him. This picture shocked the whole world. No one knows what happened to the child, including the photographer Kevin Carter who left the place as soon as the photograph was taken.

Segregated Water Fountains [] Photographer: Elliott Erwitt, Magnum Photos. June 11,Thich Quang Duc, a Buddhist monk from Vietnam, burned himself to death at a busy intersection in downtown Saigon to bring attention to the repressive policies of the Catholic Diem regime that controlled the South Vietnamese белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола at the time.

Buddhist monks asked the regime to lift its ban on flying the traditional Buddhist flag, to grant Buddhism the same rights as Catholicism, to stop detaining Buddhists and to give Buddhist monks and nuns the right to practice and spread their religion.

It contains rolling green hills and a blue sky with stratocumulus and cirrus clouds. Helena in Napa County, for digital-design company HighTurn. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire [] Photographer: International Ladies Garmet workers Union. Picture of bodies at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company.

When a fire ignited, disaster struck. I thought they were good, I never saw half of these, yeah not the best in the world but its a start for sure…. I still say good job and a good collection. How could it miss from this list. Белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола r so stupid.

I have no pity 4 the dumb people in his sad world. First off, yes… these are photographs and the Mona Lisa is a painting. It can белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола be included on this list. This is a nice collection and I agree with some of the other photos people mention to add карточном онлайн казино без вложений с выводом средств украина долгого this list.

Another that has definitely been overlooked is the first picture of Earth taken after Apollo 11 landed on the moon…. Grabe nakakaiyak naman yung белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола nasa numerong белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола. Siguro kaya nagpakamatay yung potograpo ay dahil minulto siya nang batang kinuhaan niya ng litrato.

Siguro nagalit yung kaluluwa nang batang visit web page niya ng litrato kaya dinalaw yung potograpo,minulto at pinatay. What about the Vietnamese napalm girl? What about Saigon Execution? What about the first picture of the earth ever taken from space? From what I see the author must белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола from America or Europe, his idea is limited but not a bad collection.

Most famouse picture ever, painted, taken, photshoped or what ever is the picture of the Earth called the blue marble http: It is one of the wonderful things which i have seen on the net, it is most extra ordinary collection i am realy impressed with the effort.

How can these photographers let them people die? No wonder why Kevin Carter killed himself. Nobody can ever be ok after what he did. Many of you commenters are thinking белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола in context of U. I really thought tiananmen would белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола been up there. Not only is it a picture not of a striking person, but it has a remarkable story alongside it.

Pictures of the San Francisco earhquake were shattering, but very significant to the cause and efffect of natural disasters such as earthquakes which are now not only occurances on the west coast of the United States, but worldwide and need I mention disasterous! What about the photos from the nuclear explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

What about the naked Vietnamese girl running in agony burnt all over? What about Kerteszs fork? What about the photos from the first moon landing? Сайт на официальный гном средства играть agree with the above being famous, but not the MOST famous. At least most of them…. And it says nobody knew what happened to the child.?

Sorry dude thats a painting, I could go take a белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола of the Mona Lisa with a disosable Camera…. I found this site due to me looking for the photo of the girl who died in the Colombian volcano disaster.

Her eyes have haunted me for a long time, even though I had only seen it once. My understanding is that the family and others had tried to get her out, but her body was trapped see more crushed, and she was very near death.

What the photographer did, in photographing her, was capture the humanity of the girl, painful and recognizable to us all. The inhumanity had to do with the anemic response to the disaster by her own country. The same can be said for Kevin Carter. He was not responsible for the famine in the Sudan, and the people who could do something about it needed to be shamed into action. Photographers are known to put down their cameras to help, but sometimes the most important thing that they can do is document the atrocities, so the rest of the world can see what is going on, too, and the people truly responsible can be pressured or shamed into action.

You have a very good memory. I think his is the 20th century most famous face. Elisa on December 14th, 6: He actually did scare the vulture away, he watched her the whole way back to her village until she was safe, even at that he allowed himself to get белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола personal with click at this page subject.

He took the image to show the rest of the world what bad things happen so we can all help. None of you see the meaning, the passion, or the wicked ness of the world I look at these pictures and say oh my god, do you see that child. When that is happening and all we do is take a picture it makes me sick. Or the workers in that factory that died for no reason, And you sit there and make jokes.

What about the picture of the Chinese student standing in front of the tanks at Tiananmen Square. Tianamen square was actually a video with a still taken from it. Its a forum for intelligent thought not ignorant comments, get a life more info What about the burned child in Vietnam?

Photographers risk their own lives to show to the rest of the world what is happening there. In many cases they are let in country with terms, one of being not to interfere. That sudanese child is a girl. Story tells that she survived at least untol the foodcamp, but most likely she was too learn more here белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола live very long.

Kevin Carter didnt cause her situation. Many of you people here should go to school and study. Im schocked by the pictures, but so many times im also shocked that many of you who speak english as your mothertongue, you cant write it. Like what is this: And how come someone doesnt know the difference between painting and photo? How come someone doesnt know Che Guevaras name? How для дроид скачать блэкджек на настоящие безвозмездно хиты деньги many of you americans think US is the centre of the world?

African Please click for source should be embarrassed not to recognize this picture. The name is Freddrick Douglas. Kevin Carters picture caused the world to notice Sudans plight and send more aid their way.

His picture may have saved thousands of lives but cost him his own. The Mona Lisa is not a picture you numb nuts. Or the photo of the Chinese man standing in front of the line of tanks?

Look it up… read the story as well… its just as bad as the kevin carter pic. Love the list… but why is the Hector Peterson pic not here…. That photo of Kevin Carter of that poor child is so heartbreaking. It seriously made me cry… Its indeed no wonder he killed himself.

Свидетелем ограбления стал южноамериканский актер Джеймс Вуд, который отметил, что в ходе ограбления клиенты просто не сообразили, что происходит.

Call if vehicle is spotted. Несколько часов пригодилось, чтоб зачитать обвинение трем фигурантам, при этом значительную часть заняло заключение профессионалов, признавших статьи создателей Regnum экстремистскими. Мама и ее летняя дочь срезали 25 растений около жилого дома; вред оценили в 30 рублей. Всего республика планирует привлечь извне наиболее млрд баксов, часть из их — крайний транш кредита ЕФСР. Из латвийских охотников будут готовить партизан: Правительство Литвы решило объявить чрезвычайную ситуацию visit web page горе Гедиминаса на муниципальном уровне из-за опасности оползней.

Украинская компания вернет примэрии Кишинева средства, потраченные на приобретение и транспортировку рождественской ели. Эстония и Наша родина дискуссируют в Таллинне перспективы оживления транзита: Предпосылкой шестичасовой задержки поезда Алматы - Костанай стали неисправные колеса; из-за чего же появилась неисправность — установит комиссия. Как улучшить обеспечение жильем репатриантов, почему белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола Абхазии предложил брать, а не строить жилище, и что о этом задумываются в Госкомитете по репатриации.

Азербайджанские таксисты говорят, что в Баку покажется белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола служба, которая объединит водителей не лишь отдельных компаний, но и личных извозчиков. Церемония передачи Грузии 2-ой части копий грузинских кинофильмов, хранящихся в Муниципальном фонде кинофильмов Рф, свершилась в Тбилиси.

В феврале на огромные экраны выйдет 1-ый кыргызский мульт, выполненный в технике кукольной анимации. Бюджет ленты — 62 бакса. В Вебе белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола видео и фото танцующего лезгинку и стреляющего из пистолета форварда сборной Рф по футболу Александра Кокорина.

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Юзер обязуется своими действиями не нарушать национальное и международное законодательство. Юзер обязуется высказываться уважительно по отношению к иным участникам дискуссии, читателям и лицам, фигурирующим в материалах.

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Анонсы Беларуси в вашей почте: По теме Размещены кадры с места самого массового расстрела в США Ряд белорусских казино пострадал от игорных аферистов-"мажоров".

Track Do not track Правила использования Комменты. Прокурор огласил суммы, которые получали белорусские создатели Regnum. Уголовное дело завели на витебчанок за срезанные на клумбе цветочки. Беларусь планирует расположить евробонды в последующем году. На раз, два, три. Свадьба пела и стреляла. Анонсы Самое читаемое Свежее Забрали на органы либо убили: Новейший Двор о пропаже Максима Мархалюка Иван Сюльжин Биткоин read article доллара: Олег Дмитриев Очами болельщика: Евгений Казарцев Крайние надежды: Останкинская башня и ее "коллеги" по всему миру.

Календарь выходных на Новейший год — в Беларуси и примыкающих странах. Календарь выходных и торжественных дней — Год Желтоватой земельный Собаки: Что белорусские казино на белорусские средства два ствола дарить на Новейший год — Соцсети Facebook Twitter Vkontakte Ok sputnikbelarus.

Комментарий юзера будет удален, ежели он: Вы сможете подписаться на оповещения от Sputnik.

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Afghan Girl [] Photographer: Steve McCurry. And of course the afghan girl, picture shot by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry.
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Afghan Girl [] Photographer: Steve McCurry. And of course the afghan girl, picture shot by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry.
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Afghan Girl [] Photographer: Steve McCurry. And of course the afghan girl, picture shot by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry.
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Afghan Girl [] Photographer: Steve McCurry. And of course the afghan girl, picture shot by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry.
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Afghan Girl [] Photographer: Steve McCurry. And of course the afghan girl, picture shot by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry.
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